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The name Aruna comes from the Hittite mythology meaning Sea God, combined with the Sanskrit meaning Sun God. Our goal was to capture the most unique opportunity in Belize so that conscious retreaters like you can have an elevated and transformed experience. Taking a holistic approach to creating an experience that organically blends the elements of nature into every component of our being. Aruna is your  bliss between the jungle and the sea while you are wrapped in the sun.

Aruna is the perfect getaway! Aruna’s resort community experience will give you a break from hectic daily life while filling you with the peace only this kind of remote paradise can bring. We believe that your dream getaway isn’t just possible, but it’s something that you can experience whenever your heart desires. After all, you deserve more than just another trip. You deserve the unforgettable taste of pure Aruna bliss.

Aruna Villas presents an unrivaled, ever-evolving experience that is your portal to elevated harmony within your own haven of tranquility.  enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Belize while staying in an intimate and upscale villa. You’ll be totally secluded and off the grid, yet minutes from the town of San Pedro, the airport, and the acclaimed Secret Beach. Don’t miss out on owning a private sunset villa in the heart of true paradise.

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